Right from the start, BEIKAIP (BKP) has been driven by a real passion to integrate superior supply chains and provide professional and efficient value-added services for high-quality products in “BIG HEALTH FIELD” in the life science industry.


    BKP has taken ingredient innovators as the goal of forward development, using our deep expertise to ensure the accessibility of food ingredients, pharmaceutical active ingredients, fine chemical ingredients, and natural active ingredients, with great biomedical technology, to promote the health of all mankind.


    Let BKP be your trusted partner in the life science industry-with quality, reliability, competitive prices and excellent customer service as the source. We are not only an important sales partner of our suppliers, we also meet the needs of this fast-paced industry with professional knowledge management and flexible services, and have established a deep trust relationship with large and small customers.


    With China's global entireraw material supply advantages inwe covered product realm,helping you provide existing and innovative raw materials solutions is always what we are fighting for.

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    We believe that "the organization is first, then the business." Our strength lies in our team. In addition to focusing on pure trade, we provide manufacturers with technical knowledge, we work closely with the R&D departments of both business parties, and we pay great attention to value-added professions.


    We help customers develop unique products, which will make them stand out in the market. Understand the market, care about customers, and deliver results. Here, we will work with our partners to turn ideas into reality and lead a more valuable future for the life science industry.

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