• Quality

    Constantly optimizing the customer service experience through a professional and efficient procurement team and quality system process management, At the same time, we monitor and handle all product-related complaints to help improve customer satisfaction.

    Customization services

    Professional and comprehensive customization services is highly recommended, with which BKP help our clients:

    1. Stand out from the competition
    2. Generate more sales
    3. Increase the profit margin
    4. No need for higher inventory costs
    5. Better customer insight
    6. Power the online business


  • Quality management for Food Ingredients

    At BKP, quality control begins with our high-standard screening process when we select raw material and component supplier partners. We have a strong supplier market share on a global scale to meet our multiple standard optimization options.


    1.Factory Business Background Investigation
    2.Factory Licenses and Certifications Investigation
    3.Onsite Factory Inspections
    4. In-House Lab Testing&Third-party testing 
    5.Ingredient Management
    6.Factory Re-qualification

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  • Quality managementfor API &Intermediate 

    Our professional team maintains regular contact with relevant authorities around the world, and can efficiently assist in the preparation and submission of required documents below:


    Active Substance Master Files (ASMF)
    Certificates of Suitability (CEP / COS)
    EU registration procedures (MRP, DCP, CP, National)
    Import Drug Licences (IDL) in China, for APIs used for pharmaceutical use

    We can also coordinate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audits with our API manufacturing partners and provide customers with full support and services on how to achieve the necessary standards.

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  • LOGISTICS-End-to-end logistics service

    Its mission is to provide customers with a more suitable customized delivery system. In the entire logistics process, taking into account the specific needs of customers as the premise, through multi-disciplinary team collaboration to ensure efficient and reliable packaging, storage, shipment preparation, transportation organization, document transmission, etc., to avoid possible errors. No matter where the customer is and what kind of logistics needs, BKP can quickly provide high-quality services.

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